Twins Photo and Video

After the last note has sounded, the last crumb has been eaten, the final petal has withered and the last candle has burned down, what we have left is our memories.  But those images fade over time and become blurred with the passing of the years. Let us help you preserve those memories to enjoy again and again with those you love and to share with future generations.

We are called TWINS because we really are twins.  While we might  see different things through our lenses, we share a philosophy towards our work:  to give our clients the very best service, the products they want, when they want them and within their individual budgets.

We were classically trained in the photographic arts in Budapest, Hungary, birthplace of many of the best know names in photography and motion pictures.  For almost three decades, we have been bringing this European sensibility to the Canadian market, a perspective that sets us apart from the crowd.

Hiring a photographer and videographer is one of the many decisions you make in planning your special day.  Why not entrust it to experts? And whether you need pictures, video or any one of the related services described here on our website, our lengthy list of repeat clients attests to our ability to listen and to give you a final product that you will be proud to keep, show and pass on.